29 NOVEMBER 2023


Pentecostal parents settled in USA invite proposal for their daughter 28 years old, 5’ born again, baptized and spirit filled. Born and brought up in USA. Masters in Accounting, working as a corporate senior tax accountant, pursuing CPA. Parents of qualified boys ( from USA or Canada) with good spiritual background may please respond with details and pictures to

20 NOVEMBER 2023


USA Settled family seeking proposal for their daughter, 28 years old 5' 3" born and raised here in the US. She has graduated from medical school, and currently doing 2nd year residency in Family Medicine. She is born again, baptized, and has a heart for medical missions. Looking for proposals from interested parties. Please respond with contact number, picture/s and or with any online profile, if one available. Contact-

18 NOVEMBER 2023


U.S. settled, professional, Kerala Hindu parents invite proposals for their US-born and raised only child, Architect (M. Arc), pretty, accomplished: singer, Indian classical dancer, and pianist. 30, 5', currently working in Southwest (willing to relocate to southern region) from professionals (preferably U.S. citizens). Interested parties kindly contact us with details and a recent picture to: bjeweledsnow@

30 OCTOBER 2023


Seeking suitable goom for 25 yrs old daughter (Oct 1998) - Pentacostal background. She is currently doing her masters in social work and working full time as a case worker with a human trafficking organization. She graduated with bachelors degree in health science from Texas A&M. She is born again, spirit filled and has a heart for ministry, very active in church, Sunday school and youth groups. She has been to several mission trips overseas and has a heart to mentor, teach the word and minister to the youth. She organizes and motivates the youth to spend time in prayer and the word. Born in the middle east, raised in US since 5yrs of age. Looking for someone who has similar interests and loves the Lord and the church. We are settled in Dallas. If interested please email information to



Malayalee Born-Again girl 24, MIS, USA born, employed with a reputed firm — seeks Born-Again, Malayalee professional, 25-28 yrs, US born or came to US at young age. Contact 863.513.3759 or

22 AUGUST 2023


Pentecostal family settled in USA seeks proposal for their daughter, 24 years old, 5' 5". Born and raised in the US and graduated with a Bachelor's from a prestigious university in the US and currently works in financial services at a well established professional bank. She is also pursing Masters in Evangelism. Seeking God fearing, born again Christian boys from USA or Canada with a professional background. If interested, please email at or 630-748-9314

15 AUGUST 2023


Christian parents settled in USA since 1997 invite proposals for their daughter, 37 years old, 5' 3", born again and baptized and in fellowship with a Pentecostal Church.Our daughter has multiple degrees including law degree and working with State government (Florida) for the last seven years. She was raised in the Middle East until 10 years of age and moved to US in 1997. Parents of born again, educated boys from US or Canada with good spiritual background may respond to me directly at or text at 863-709-6031.